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A Girl

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Fee Fie Fo Fum
I can see her now.
She is smart and
her teeth are straight
from six years with braces.

Last summer she got hips.
And boobs. And an ass.
They always knew she would
bloom. Late. Last.

Her laugh takes over her whole body,
and she has always been
that witty and that much fun.
Her skirts weren’t shorter, and
her shirts weren’t lower.
But, it all fit better than last year
when no one asked her to the Winter Dance.

She thought she was different
than the last girls to him.
He said she had a pretty smile.
He said he had never met a girl as special.

He picked her up at eight
like he promised.
He called most nights.
Always knew what to say,
always knew how to touch
from years of experience.
She felt the certainty in his voice
when he told her she was his.
She felt the certainty of them, together,
when he ran his fingers through her
long, blond hair.
She held the reality in both hands.
It had to be real she thought.
And, so she thought.

Until after that last night
He stopped.
He stopped calling.
He stopped looking.
He stopped wanting.

Fee Fie Fo Fum
I can see her now.
Her teeth are straight
from six years with braces.

I will not call her dumb for falling.

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boob sucker said...
on Nov. 1 2010 at 10:20 am
she is hot.