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part of me

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Part of Me

I was the boy who enjoyed with what little he had

Tiny and confused I've ridden an Indian train to a new future

Flicking marbles and drinking from a coconut shell was a past time

I've walked in the tombs of a King and his Queen, the Taj Mahal

I've seen faces that wore goodbyes

For two hours I experienced London

Quickly we then departed for America in a steel bird

Things were different, people didn't ride on scooters

I slept at the airport that night

Fallen for my first love I met McDonalds

Living in a new world was an adventure

I've driven through states

At first I did not understand the true meaning of Christmas, although I enjoyed the gifts

I've made mistakes and have forgiven mistakes

To experience a kidney stone reminded me of forgotten blessings

I've waded in the ocean and drank coffee on a cloudy day

I've sat at a table writing a part of me

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