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December 19, 2009
By DiscardedHarmony DIAMOND, Woodinville, Washington
DiscardedHarmony DIAMOND, Woodinville, Washington
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I'm caught,
in this flood filled with other peoples ideals.
in a current of voices,
collectively drowning out mine.
I don't want to go this way.
I dig my heels into the bottom,
but I'm swept down-stream.
I pull hard against dark water with my arms,
but the current is too strong.
Rushing towards the tumbling falls,
I scream.
And my soul rips out of me,
abandoning me,
just like all the rest.
The water is dark and enticing,
slipping around me like smooth oil.
I want to rest,
and let go of my voice so it won't get swallowed again.
I submit to the water's caress.
Sink deep beneath the billowing waves.
I'm swept over the falls,
to the shadowy rocks below.

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