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The Future of America

August 30, 2009
By Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
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Little Jamie dreams a dream,
Where dreaming a dream is everything,
Where everything you dream can become real,
A fake reality we all want to feel,
But little Jamie is only four,
She still believes, we won't scare her more,
Still a young soul she collects,
Rocks off the playground- around the swing-sets,
She's growing up, but staying young,
In spirit, in mind, but for how long,
Now at twelve she still collects rocks,
But this time its different, normal they're not,
Look close they're white,
She'll do anything even fight,
Just to collect her dreams,
Her parents are scared- She just won't eat,
She slowly fades, she closes her eyes,
She's gone now and everyone cries,
Poor Jamie was a straight A student,
But then the crowd came so rudely,
Now she lays- never coming back,
Jamie died- overdose of Crack,
Jamie could be anyone- yours, mine, or ours,
Stop the children from infiltrating the core,
The future is here but for how long,
We need to keep it here so we can press on....

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