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Why I Want Wings (Dialogue)

October 8, 2009
By kccowan SILVER, Naples, Florida
kccowan SILVER, Naples, Florida
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Narrator: A girl came up to me while I was weeping. She was young, and had big, brown, curious eyes. She had a joy about her, that you could see from a mile away.
Young girl: Why are you crying?
Daughter: Because I don’t have wings, and I really need a pair.
Young girl: Why do you want wings?
Daughter: There’s somewhere I need to go, and that’s the only way I can get there.
Young girl: Like a bird? They can fly anywhere they want. They don’t even have to stop for traffic lights!
Daughter: They are lucky, aren’t they?
Young girl: Yeah they are, I wish I had some wings to give you. I hope you find some.
Daughter: I hope so, too.
Narrator: She waved goodbye and walked away.

Narrator: An old man came up and sat beside me.He was wearing a long black robe, and a big gold cross.He had a big brown book in his hands, and a somber look on his face. He turned to me, and saw my pain.
Priest: Why are you crying?
Daughter: Because I can’t find the person that I’m looking for.
Priest: What does he look like?
Daughter: Well, kinda like me, but older, taller, and he’s a man.But there’s no use looking anymore, I know where he is. He’s right there (points to nonexistent cloud), sitting on the cloud that looks like a big smile. It’s the one with the gap in the middle,that’s just big enough for a lost and lonely ray of light to shine through. It’s just big enough for him to look through and see us down here. Do you see it?
Priest: (confused, but concerned) Well, no. But, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Are you saying that there’s a man in the sky?
Daughter: No one understands, that’s the problem. I need to get to him, talk to him, tell him that I miss him.
Narrator: The priest sat quietly, and prayed to himself. I could tell that nothing I said made any sense to him. So I walked away, and bid him farewell.

Narrator: An old friend walked up to me. I hadn’t seen her for a while. She reached out for a hug, then noticed the tears on my cheeks.
Friend: Allison told me everything. I’m so sorry. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this has to be for you. He was so young.
Daughter: I know, I miss him so much.
Friend: How are you holding up?
Daughter: I’m okay, I just want to get to him. I have to tell him that I love him. I need a pair of wings.
Friend: Time heals all wounds, you’re strong. You can fight through this.
Daughter: I know I can fight. But I can’t fly. All I need is a pair of wings.
Friend: Wings? I don’t understand. Figurative wings, you mean?

Daughter: What good would figurative wings do? I need to fly to him. I need wings. Real live wings.
Friend I’m sorry, I have to go. Hang in there (gives a friendly pat on shoulder).
Daughter: So she walked away, like everybody else. She strolled on by, and carried on with her merry life. Meanwhile, I’m on this bench, drowning in my tears, with no wings. He’s still up there, and I’m still down here.

Narrator: I saw a man with wings. He was wearing white clothes, and nobody else seemed to notice him. He glowed like the sun. He looked like he had all of the peace in the world, in his own two hands.
Daughter: Sir, excuse me, could I borrow your wings?
Angel: Where do you need to go, young lady?
Daughter: I need to fly to that cloud (points to cloud). There’s someone I really miss up there, and I have to see him.
Angel: You know the man on that cloud?
Daughter: Yes, I do, and I love him very much.
Angel: (In awe) Why yes, you have his eyes and his smile. You couldn’t possibly be...
Daughter: His daughter? Yeah that’s me. That’s my daddy up there.
Angel: Well you don’t say. Do you see how all the other clouds are gathered around his?
Daughter: Yeah, I guess they are. Why?
Angel: His next-door angels like to listen to him. He sings songs about freedom, and love. He plays his guitar and makes music float from soul to soul, from cloud to cloud.
Daughter: I could have guessed that. Ever since I was little, he’s loved to make music, to make people happy. His name is...
Angel: Lonne Free, yeah we all know his name.
Daughter: Well that’s not his real name.
Angel: But it’s the only one that matters up there. Here, you can have my wings for the day (gives daughter wings).
Daughter: Thank you sir, I promise to give them back.
Angel: Don’t worry about that. Just go find your daddy.
Narrator: My face lit up. I had never been so happy as I was in that one moment.

Narrator: So I flew. And I reached the cloud next to his. I watched for a few minutes. He looked like he did before he got sick. He looked just like my brother, and he had a full head of hair. Then I listened to his song.

Why are you crying, I’ve been right here.

There’s no need to look for me, I’m always here.

When you’re all alone, come dream with me.

When you’ve run out of tears, sing a song to me.

Thank you, princess, for clinging to me.

I’m still your daddy, I’ll always be.
Narrator: So I sang back.

I’m only crying, because you left me here.

I know where to find you, but I want you here.

I’ve been all alone, and forgot how to dream

When I run of tears, there’s no song to sing.

Thank you, daddy, for loving me.

I’m still you princess, I’ll always be.

The author's comments:
Sonn after my Daddy died from pancreatic cancer in January, 2009, My English teacher gave us this assignment. He told us to write a free verse poem on "Why I Want Wings." I decided to write it almost like a one act. It's about my journey to find my father, after he was already gone.

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