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Dad never came back

September 23, 2009
By dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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Dad never came back
He said he was just going out to get a beer
I didn’t understand why that would take him all these years
When I’d ask my mother where he went
She’d never answer just cry, so time I spent
Wondering where he could have gone
Waiting patiently my spirit was torn
Many nights I’d pray and pray
That my daddy would come back someday
But as I grew older, I didn’t care if he was dead or not
I hoped someday in hell he’d rot
The resentment that I felt for my dad
I carried with me until I became a high school grad
I went to college the following September
But of course my father I’d remember
I tried to forget him but as hard I’d try
When I looked in the mirror I’d see his eyes
He was half of me and that I couldn’t deny
That the man I hated was a part of I
My first day of college I met a girl
Her name was Karen she made my world
We got married during college, our junior year
I wondered if at my wedding my father would reappear
Of course he didn’t I was hurt but not surprised
But everything was better when I looked into her Karen’s eyes
We bought a house and had a child
We named her Casey, she acted wild
But I loved her to unconditionally she was my life
My life was complete with my child and my wife
But one day I lost my job
Bills went unpaid and I’d hear my wife sob
From the pressure and fear of the pressure of losing our home
We begged the banks but we still couldn’t receive a loan
Because of the stress I began to drink
Insanity, I was on the brink
My wife ignored me and my daughter became sick
They needed me so the drinking I’d need to quit
But my addiction grew stronger, and so did the pain
My wife grew depressed and was never the same
My world was crashing down and I couldn’t make it right
I packed my things and left in the night
I drove far away while the sky was still black
Now I realized why Dad Never Came Back.

The author's comments:
One of my first poetic stories.

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