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June 25, 2009
By MadisonRenee SILVER, Colona, Illinois
MadisonRenee SILVER, Colona, Illinois
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Fronti nulla fides — No reliance can be placed on appearance

I smile as I listen,
Our song that you sing.
You won’t admit it,
Words directed to me.
The woes of lost love,
Whispers of the forbidden.
Have we forgiven,
Or are we guild ridden?
The rumors we started,
The tale we spun.
Fights that became of,
A romance, now done.
Did you keep our notes,
I remember our jokes.
Do you regret the lies,
I erased all the fights.
In a romance like ours,
Is when the world calls.
The backspace button,
Is what fixes all.

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on Jul. 5 2011 at 5:26 pm
Mz.Minny2011 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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My fav quote (4now)
When I met you my heart skipped a beat..... the sun became the moon & cold became heat.... Roses weren't red an violetes weren't blue.....And all because i fell IN LIKE WITH YOU <3

ummm i dont no wat to say except i love this and the world could use more backspace buttons