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June 17, 2009
By delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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One moment it’s
Crystal clear
Then It’s clear as mud
For precious seconds
I understand the universe
And everything ever
Then it slips away
And I’m left in the dark
Frustrated that the knowledge
Was within my grasp
Before it slipped through my fingers
Like water
In a moment of enlightenment
I solved man’s greatest puzzles
Then it was like it’d never happened
The enlightenment opened my eyes
And it was like
I could finally see clearly
Then, as if someone had
Taken away a pair of glasses
I felt blind
The clarity,
The knowledge,
Clear sight of all existence. . .
So addictive
I didn’t want to let go
I wanted to be
All knowing
True knowledge, clarity, and enlightenment
Are more addictive than nicotine
And though they are helpful
They’re best in small doses
Even if,
Like with chocolate
We always want more
So I guess it’s a good thing
We have absolutely no control
Over this
Greater understanding

The author's comments:
Just like the poem says, the enlightenment for this poem came in small doses.

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