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I Know My Mother

May 14, 2021
By tylerhyunpark SILVER, Los Angeles, California
tylerhyunpark SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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I know my mother’s hair,

Soft and coarse,

Whether it be dyed or natural,


And sometimes messy,

I know my mom’s hair

I know my mother’s fingers,

Cold but warm,

Skinny but strong,

Like the soft sound of light rain,

Gracefully folding papers,

I know my mom’s fingers

I know my mother’s feet,


Always going into other shoes.


Tanned from walking in sandals,

But clean,

I know my mom’s feet

I know my mother’s smile,

Authentic, Loving and proud,

Never cruel.

And sometimes smiling at my clumsiness,

I know my mom’s smile

I also know my mother’s heart,

And it's comforting power,

when she smiles,

when she hugs,

when she congratulates,

I know my mom’s heart the best.

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