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April 1, 2009
By Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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Forget the medicines
It causes nothing but more pain
Terror and tears too
Get that needle away from me already
You've taking six tubes of blood
I think that's enough
I've been asked the same question
Over and over again
I've been in the same situation
A hundred times already
All that blood
Is too much for me to see
But, I remember when one of the days
Was really bad
I just wish I could put the past behing me
And never have to see it again
'Cause all those flashbacks
Keep running through my mind
Is it really worth
the agony and crazy emotions?
'Cause I've been through the same tests
At least twice by now
So, can't we just forget it already
'Casue the treatment just isn't helping any longer
Why is it me who gets stuck
with this?
Why isn't there a single answer?
Just waiting...and waiting
It is so strange
How you never noticed people talking about health
Than once it hit me
I noticed all that talk
I wish I could forget the past
Move on with my life
And find the cure I need
So desperatly
'Cause it sure just isn't easy
Any day in my life
'Cause I always hear
Someone say to me
Are you all right?
Or how are you feeling?
I understand
That they care about me
It just isn't easy
It feels like the world is
Spinning or even collapsing
Most of the time
And all these
people that surround me
It just is such a crazy life
Especially for someone my age
Balancing school, activities
How about that volunteer thing
I'm suppose to do?
So, now you see
why I just
Want to leave the past behind me
Just move on
And be treated for it
'Cause I don't need to go through
Anything more
I just want to be treated
Like any other person would be
So, I just want to leave the past behind
Forget my troubles
And forget my awful memories
Just forget...forget

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