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Burning Love

May 10, 2009
By Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
Phoenix22 PLATINUM, Danbury, Connecticut
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Hush now…my child
Our jealous days
Are done
For the world is coming
To a final close…a final death
Slowly withering away
Suffering with agony,
Just like you…and me
With our secret love
We have kept
Hidden from each other
All these endless, spinning years
Just like
The death of the world
Someday…to be revealed
Unraveled, as some
Crazy mystery
Mixed-up stories told
As one tries to decide
What is true…
And what is fake
Just like our World’s Secret, Hidden Death
Soon to be revealed; unraveled, let us not forget
Kaos runs
Throughout our m inds
Disconnected…thoughtless too
Yet, still filled with emotion
Like a burning hot
Cup of sweet cocoa
Ready to explode
From heat, set on fire
For, we have a passion…
A passion for
Burning love
Lost, yet forbidden
However, not unwanted
For, there is a passion
Of burning love, indeed
My sweet child
So, I’ll hold you close
And my dreams
Will slip into yours
As we go through fright
Scared to reveal…the truth
Bumpier than a
Roller Coaster ride
It is…no doubt
Not just in our minds of agony
And pain, yet fearless…fearless pain
It’s in our hearts
Locked away in place
Since, the key was
Thrown away
So, hold me close
I’ll be strong enough
To never slip away
No matter what comes
Our way
For, we have a passion
A special passion of
Burning love, my darling
Even though,
It may be red…at times
Icicles, may show,
No doubt, we’ll have
Our ups and downs
But, we’ll stay strong
And never loose grip
Of all the memories
We hold so dearly
So hold me close,
My sweet child…my darling,
My secret enemy
And never let go
I’ll never slip away
Or breakdown…in any case
Let us stay strong, and united too
For we have a passion,
A passion and desire for
Burning love
We can light a candle
And hold the flame
We won’t let it spread
Too far or wide
High or low
For, we can keep
The flame coming
Even though death is in
The world’s eye
And at times,
It may not
Be so pretty
Through the world
And even after
It’s death
Our candle flame
Will stay lit
For some eternity
Some timeless clock
We have a passion,
Yet strong desire too
For a burning love
That lays within
Our hearts of two
We have a relationship,
My child…my darling
Of no more nor no less
Lasting taste, lasting blood
A passion so strong,
A special passion for
Burning love

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