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An Indescribable Beauty

April 10, 2009
By Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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I will be your Romeo if you will be my Juliet,
I will love you forever if you promise never to forget,
Never forget the time we spent laughing and being happy,
I love you and would spend the rest of my life with you gladly,
Your beauty and looks just amaze my wondering mind,
Knowing now that I have found a person who is loving and kind,
You’re an absolute Earth Angel from your head to your toe,
You’re so sweet when you are present you seem to glow,
I will hold your hand through the night and whisper sweet words in your ear,
I put my hand on your heart and say no matter what I will always be in here,
We ponder a lot on what the question really should be,
But in the end it is like math the answer is you plus me,
I will be your shield throughout this tough fight,
I will even be there in the darkness to guide you as a light,
I am at a loss for words when trying to describe your amazing features,
Thanking God that he made woman his most beautiful creature,
Not one person can describe such a beauty so divine,
I walk around happy and proudly because I can call you mine,

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