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Juvenile's Eye

May 27, 2017
By ethereal_dar GOLD, Manila, Other
ethereal_dar GOLD, Manila, Other
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Teenagers nowadays are very different from the last decades of teens. Common issues are oppress to tackle the changes of the new generation youngsters that seems to ruin the formal wearing and traditions of the global nation.


As we can see in the past 10 to 20 years, teenagers are strictly obeying the appropriate directions to guide them to the right path of realization and respectful manners.


In particular to the issues of clothing, 80’s or 90’s kids know what to wear to hide their naked flesh. They are aware of applying the right clothes as a prevention to the elders aiming for sexual interaction and is sexually addictive.


Other way of showing respect to themselves and to other people is the mandatory curfew hours. Most of them are obediently following the rules so for the sake of everybody, less accidents are reported than the last time.


It’s a good way of treating people especially teenagers as a fragile luxurious glass to be protected by their parents. As what Jose Rizal said, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” The teenagers are the future of the nation. We are all hoping that they will be the answer for the better future.


But little did we know what is really happening to our fragile luxurious glass nowadays? Can we still see the better if only we can see is the worst?


Nowadays, teenagers are very different from the last decades of teens. Grown-ups are protesting, seeking for help how to heal the rampant virus of the wild adolescents.


We are usually seeing young people have a huge dissimilarities to the last generation. Girls are wearing very short shorts so grown-ups keep their eyes on their fatty thighs up to their thin tank tops, showing cleavage. They usually use make ups and red lipsticks to flirt with the guys. Today, this things are not unusual to the eye of everyone. Everyone can see the crashed dignity of the girls while the boys are addictively pressing their body to the illegal drugs and bad vices that can lead to severe conditions. Teenage boys are involving themselves to attach pornographic magazines or video clips as one of the bad habits. Nowadays, teenagers are aware of sexual relations.


In fact, youngsters are not focusing and prioritizing the education. They are busy with their own definition of ‘having fun’. They classify themselves as powerful aliens to ruin the cities. They express themselves in doing illegitimate deeds. Teenagers treat themselves like gods.


Albeit most of the teens are indeed rebellious, there are still youths to raise the general issue into an ash and indicate the importance of education, respect and dignity. They can be found anywhere to implement and enlighten the minds their co-youths. They are few but they can influence the other youths to stop the vices and keep on going to the right pathway.


Ample of youths can change the current issue of the teens. As long as there is an accurate thinking, we will overcome the global crisis of the youths. Positivity should be oppress so we can hypothetically think that youths are indeed the future of the nations.

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They classify themselves as powerful aliens to ruin the cities.

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