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Split Ends

March 16, 2009
By Nicole Falten SILVER, Park City, Utah
Nicole Falten SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Who or what is America? Is it just another land fill that demolishes the earth, or is it a human with a pulsing heart? Are we the enemies to our own country? Is the antidote for it's own survival oil extracted deep with in the layers of earth? Which one is going to promote peace first, the kind and friendly notion of a colorful and luscious fruit basket, or a small metal shell that lays waste? Is fighting the solution to our problems, is it going to get us one step closer to our goal? Have we really gotten somewhere with all of the arguments, because all I see are fractured lives, and dismembered branches of family tree. We are the cause for this' does that mean we are our own enemy?

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