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38 Who saw a Murder and 37 Who Saved a Country

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

A lone women walking to her domicile, just a few feet away, is killed in front of 38 witnesses. An hour elapses before a single onlooker shows up to the scene. How can those who live so close not take the time to dial three simple numbers in order to save her life? In September of 2001, 37 innocent people gave their lives to do what was right; and those other 38 couldn’t even make a call? Seven hijackers meticulously designed an elaborate plan to get by the lax airport security and take control of the plane. Their goal: to kill a nation. No one on the plane knew this, but yet they still fought back. They could not obviate the impact of their actions, but they will always be remembered for their high moral standards that have changed Americans lives forever.
The onlookers of Catherine Genovese’s murder could not stand to watch the lurid attack, but to just go back to bed is rash. The most evident action, a man yelling a sort of quip, “Let that girl alone!” is embarrassing. Yes, it did stop the attacker for a short while, but this was only the first of his sporadic appearances. The man knew what was happening and knew he had to do something to stop it. So he yells down to the murderer to please stop what he is doing? It is an obligation of every “respectable, law abiding citizen” to try and help someone who is dying. It was not necessary to put themselves in harms way, but a call to the police would have been sufficient. The men and women of flight 93 gave the ultimate sacrifice, when not even asked. The 38 “respectable, law abiding citizens” didn’t even respond to a cry for help from a women visibly in need. Who is reputable? Make your own conjecture.

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