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May 29, 2013
By kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
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The feeling of loneliness when your surrounded by people
The feeling of worthlessness
The feeling of failure

The thought of not being wanted
The thought of not being good enough
The thought of not being able to succeed
The thought of death

Depression is something that people never take into consideration that someone who looks so happy could be suffering from such a high level of depression. Depression is such a hard mental illness because it makes someone always feeling lonely, always feel unwanted, and anything someone says to them they believe no mater who tells them wrong. So when you go to call someone a name, pass on that gossip you heard about someone, stop, and think for a minute. You calling them that one name that you thought was harmless could make them lay the blade to their wrist again, or maybe go without eating for days. That gossip that you want to tell your best friend, well that could be the last gossip you hear till you read the headline of a young boy or girl who has committed suicide. Before you say anything to anyone how about you take a walk in there shoes how would you like someone to target you, and pass things on about something that never happened. You may say you wouldn’t care, but now think about 1000 other problems that someone has on top of being targeted and made fun of for things that could have been avoided easily. Before you judge someone, you have to really think to yourself, do I even know this person well enough to say what they have or have not done, do I even know anything at all about them besides what I heard from my people passing around. So before you go ahead and target someone or pass something on about them, think about it, and take a step in their shoes and say to yourself, “I wouldn’t want this to happen to me” and don’t do whatever you were going to do. Instead smile and say hello. Be the bigger person and be realistic. Depression effects everyone at a certain point in life.

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