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March 14, 2013
By toffeestefanko BRONZE, Mandaluyong City, Other
toffeestefanko BRONZE, Mandaluyong City, Other
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"Happiness is like a perfume, you cannot pour it unto others without pouring a few drops to yourself."

Sometimes, people wanted to step outside one’s shadows so that they could carve their marks in this world on their own. Distinction is what they need, but often they get frustration. Mainly because they still see themselves as inadequate, or they are insecure with their achievements, I don’t know. I feel so sad for those people who need and crave for the attention they deserve. I want to help them out, to ease out their frustrations, but I know that sometimes, I’m one of them. People might see me as an achiever, but sometimes, there are times that I see myself as inadequate, incomplete, abnormal, obsolete.

I want to be on my own. I want to carve my mark in this world full of mediocrity.

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