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September 23, 2019
By Ethan--Johnson SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ethan--Johnson SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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My name is Ethan from Arrowhead High School located in Hartland, Wisconsin. I am writing to you about this because I believe that people focus greatly on the amount of money that a job offers rather than their happiness in that job. I think this because a person's job is one of the most important things in life since you spend a good chunk of it working. I am hoping that you read my letter and my points, and think about why it is important to teach students and young adults about finding an enjoyable job.

A problem in the current world right now is that people are too focused on making money and moving up in the corporate world that they forget about happiness. They care more about the amount of money they receive on a paycheck and how the world perceives them rather than getting a job they enjoy and having a happy life doing so. Per my observations, kids today are taught that money is more important than happiness. They end up thinking they should get a good paying job rather than being taught to follow a job that they like, even if the pay is not as good as other jobs they do not enjoy. I see this when I have sat in class and listened to presentations about future jobs. The presenters that I have heard talked about finding a good job and jobs that pay good money, but noticed that they never talk about finding a job that will make them happy. A problem with not being happy is that it can also affect your life in terms of how you live it and your health. It can make you not feel as confident and will make you have heart problems later in life, which will be explained in the next paragraph.

My suggestion for a solution is that schools should teach that students should get a job that they enjoy, rather than base their job on the amount of cash they would receive. It is important to find a job so you are a happy person and enjoy life in the one shot that you get at it. Like I said earlier, if you are not happy in your skin or where you are in your life, you will not feel good. According to Kira M. Newman from her Greater Good article, “happiness has a number of health benefits. It protects your heart, boosts your immune system, make you more stress-resistant, wards off disease, and lengthens your life. In contrast, unhappiness can cause stress, lower your immune system, and have a range of psychological effects such as prolonged depression and anxiety.” This is just one of the many reasons that show you it is important to find a job that you like so you can live a healthy, enjoyable life. If this is taught it in school, it will show kids that having a job you like will help them live a healthy and enjoyable life. It will help them not feel as pressured into finding a job based off the money, but finding one that they love.

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my letter. I Hope this made you think about the importance of finding a job that makes you happy instead of just for the money. 

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