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January 23, 2011
By J-HOCKEY-DOG BRONZE, Sethsdfg, Colorado
J-HOCKEY-DOG BRONZE, Sethsdfg, Colorado
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do to others as you would them to treat you

Yes you can, because if you are determined to do some thing so much then I think you would do it well enough to the point were you would want it. In other words if you valued sports a lot. You wanted to become the best hockey player in the world. Would you side down on the couch and talk about how good your going to be no. You’re going to be out side the ice or some thing practicing. Nothing comes with out sacrifice and if you sacrificed determination than you would maybe the person you wanted to be.

Determination is what people do when they do something so much that is all they think about. They would put all their will into it. People who want to be presidents or are presidents they worked hard for that job and they are happy they are there and strive to do better in what they are doing.

Doing something that is asked of you is something that you can or will do because of force or wanting. A person who does stuff beyond anything that is ask is your choice, you did not have to do it but you did. Like you don't need to go to college but you want to make yourself better and go beyond what normal people sacrifice, and be that other guy or girl who is going to excel in what they want do.

Sacrifice, sacrifice is a choice not a duty but a choice to give away some thing you did (little) and gain some bigger than what you could have done with that little thing you did. If you graduate from High School congratulation you made it in the last step of your duty. Like if you are in the military and you have a contract and then you can leave or get a new one or a leave and do something different. Or you get out of high school and then you work at burger king. You could have gone to college and get a better job, but you did not decide to.

That is what you can get when you put some determination into your work. Every thing come with sacrifice and thing you don't want to give up but you do.

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