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Poverty No More

April 9, 2010
By Sarblah BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Sarblah BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Poverty, as stated in the dictionary as “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; the condition of being poor”, is a serious problem in our country today. Think about it, what do street corners, underpasses, and the sides of highways all have in common, besides the unusual amount of litter? If you’re thinking what we colloquialize today as bums or hobos, then your one hundred percent correct. But whether we realize them or not they’re still there in need of shelter and food, and what are we do about this? We give them everything they could absolutely need to get by for nothing, while taxpayers have to pay the price.
Today, one can never look at a street corner without seeing a homeless person, or two, waiting for a youthful citizen to roll down their window and give them a piece of green paper or a hand full of coins to buy food or whatever else they need. Not only this, but these people are often accompanied by a child or two, clinging to their sides egging on the begging process. These children are not only in the poverty level, but they are also too young to work, therefore, they are too young to make any money to help their situation. Because of this, the government is usually involved in the upraising of these children through governmental programs, food stamps, and many other things us taxpayers end up paying for in the long run.
Wouldn’t it be great to just have to worry about your own family and only have to provide for them? Of course it would be! If our country got rid of all taxes associated with financial aid and other programs helping other low-class families, we could do just that; provide for our family and our family only. Then the homeless would be forced to work for their money and not beg on the streets for the taxpayer’s hard earned money. Also the adults in the state of penury would think twice before getting involved in activities that could cause pregnancies, which would just give them another mouth to feed, cloth, and care for themselves.
Not only would this plan help with the character building of these people, but it would help the working class preserve their money and take care of their own necessities first. When this first hits all over the nation, the poverty stricken people of our nation will either be forced to start finding work or they will eventually starve to death. Either way there will be poverty no more in our country and these begging people will be out of our hair once and for all.

The author's comments:
This is a satirical piece on poverty.

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