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June 8, 2012
By earthhashope SILVER, Earth, Other
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My friend and I were once sitting in a five star hotel, eagerly waiting for the food we had ordered. I had ordered butter ‘roti’ with paneer tikka and cheese rolls and dal makhani. I didn’t know what she had ordered. The hotel was full of people, and all of them were eating chicken, mutton or lamb. I forced down the waves of retching nausea as I watched them eat with eager smiles and watering mouths.
The waiter soon rushed up to us, carrying our food. I was about to tear into my roti when a terrible smell hit my nose. It was the smell of non vegetarian food. I looked at my friend just in time to see her bite into the tender leg of a rabbit. The inhumanity of it struck me so hard, I almost slapped her.
I know that 99% of the people who read this article will certainly be non vegetarian. But then too, I shall write what I have to write. I know that many people justify their eating chicken, mutton and fish with environmental balance. I being a zealot for environmental rights know what environmental balance is. It can be maintained in many other ways. And does environmental balance mean eating non-veg each single day?
The sight of the chickens trapped in their cages, waiting for their turn to be slaughtered really does pain my heart just as the killing of goats and lambs does. How do people eat them???? It’s something I just can’t imagine myself doing.
What’s more??? Believe it or not, there are many people on earth who eat animals such as monkeys, sharks and whales!!! Whales, who are supposed to be protected, are now being enjoyed as a delicacy by many people. Some also drink tiger blood, with baseless belief that it provides the strength of a tiger. About a 100 tigers were poached just for this purpose in a forest!!!!!!! I also knew a girl who proudly proclaimed that she ate every sort of living creature, including sharks and snails!!! It makes my blood boil when these things happen.
Whenever I say this to non vegetarians, they say, “What hypocrisy!! Don’t you kill plants too? They are also living creatures!!!!”
As for these people, my dear friends, when we eat fruits, nuts, grains and many vegetables we don't have to kill the plant. On the contrary, we help the plant reproduce by taking a part of it which was designed to be attractive, to spread its seeds. If we don't take the fruits or nuts or grains, the plant will drop them to the ground and try to give the seeds a chance to grow. But it would prefer that another creature help spread the seeds as far as possible. So please stop saying that!!!
I am not saying that you have to be vegan. Being Vegan isn’t at all necessary, as the animal, for example cow is not killed when we drink milk. But of course, use of products like animal leather should be banned!! And what is wrong in eating fruits and vegetables??? In fact they are so very healthy and should be eaten every day! We can certainly switch to these foods and can live without eating another living creature! We aren’t carnivores who are forced to eat meat!
So, my friends do try your level best to be vegetarian, and I can tell you, you will love it as you are being environment friendly and preventing cruelty to animals. Also, you shall always remain healthy with no risk of disease. Try it!

The author's comments:
Being vegetarian doesn't hurt!

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A. said...
on Jul. 30 2013 at 12:00 am
I am a vegetarian!! I hate when I'm at school and everyone around me is eating meat.