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Organically Deceiving

April 12, 2010
By kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
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Do you think those blueberries in your hand are somehow special? The bag says “organic,” so they must be good, right? You paid a little extra for them, but you know it’s worth it. You work hard to do right by your body and right by the environment, and take pride in your Prius and your re-usable grocery bag. As a member of American society, you understand that green is the new pink, and are willing to make certain sacrifices in the name of the environment.
While flipping through the pages of Sunset magazine last week, you were shocked to discover an article claiming the same pesticides you’ve been spraying on your manicured lawn for years have found their way into the produce you feed your family. Suddenly, spending twice as much for organic vegetables at Whole Foods seemed like a pretty good option.
The hidden truth is that it has become a trend to pay more for organic products that must be transported thousands of miles using carbon-dioxide spewing semi-trucks. These products make you feel good about yourself because of their “eco-friendly” vibe, but are not proven to be any safer or healthier. In a society where it has become healthy to buy foods in pre-packaged 100 calorie packs, and smart to buy anything that proclaims to be “all natural”, we must learn to look beyond what the packages of foods are telling us, and start to see what could really make a difference.
The power of buying local is overlooked. It eliminates harmful substances that enter our environment and our body. While it is neither convenient nor cheap, we should be willing to make the effort. Any apple you buy from a local vendor is going to be healthier and fresher than that shiny Granny Smith labeled “USDA Organic” at the supermarket, and it will have traveled about a fiftieth of the distance. Buying local is somehow genius in its simplicity. Now do you think those blueberries in your hand are somehow special? Take another look.

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