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Global Warming... Is It Real?

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Go Green. It’s what everyone around the world is attempting to do. Of course, this is an accomplishment that should be credited to the news media and businesses which hints its viewers that global warming is destroying the earth.

However, let’s learn of the facts. What is global warming, first of all? According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary, global warming is "a slight, continuing rise in atmospheric temperature, usually attributed to an intensifying of the green house effect, which is caused by trapped solar radiation." The green house effect, for those who do not know, is an increase in atmospheric temperature due to the rise in gases that trap energy from the sun. Additionally, solar radiation is trapped in the Earth by the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

Personally, I believe that the concerns about global warming are extremely exaggerated. Although I acknowledge the fact that unusual natural phenomena are occurring, I do not believe it to be linked to global warming at all. Global warming is too big of a problem to explain the causes of what is going on. What most newspapers and magazines are forgetting to explain is that many researchers oppose the belief of global warming. S. Fred Singer, a research professor at George Mason University, has stated that computer generated forecasts are not accurate as many believe. This is because the thermometers that are placed on the Earth's surface are heavily influenced by urban heat and land changes. The data of the Earth's temperature during the 1990's, which many believe is the era that shows proof of global warming, was heavily influenced by this flaw. Singer stated that the most accurate type of instrument to measure the current forecast is the satellite. This error clearly explains why people think that global warming exists- they are looking at the wrong information.

The unusual catastrophes that are occurring around the world are not from the global warming. Just thinking about Earth and its history gives the reason why. Earth has been changing ever since it was created. Its temperature has fluctuated many times before, thus it is common that the Earth would be affected accordingly. However, many people ask to explain the melting glaciers in Antarctica and the disappearances of small islands scattered across the world. Two scientists, named Hugh Corr and Dr. David Vaughn have discovered a legitimate answer for this in 2008. They discovered a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards under Antarctica's ice, meaning that there is an active volcano under the glaciers. The two researchers said they believe that the thinning of Antarctica’s ices and the disappearances of small islands are due to this strange yet true discovery.

Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery, who is a director of the Center for Global Food Issues, have also stated that the world is not going through global warming, but is preparing for another ice age in about 1,500 years. Their bestselling book Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years states that the Earth is warming up to prepare for an ice age that has appeared throughout history about 600 times. Avery and Singer both claimed in this book that evidence has been collected through human-made catalogs and also the evidence of fossilized plants, such as trees, sea sediments, glaciers, etc. The evidence is also clear in history by the sudden decline of plants, humans, and bacteria, and then a slow regeneration in later years. This shows the true evidence that global warming is indeed not the cause of the Earth's changes, but instead might be the Earth's preparation of another ice age.

We must realize that the Earth has always been changing and will always change. The formation of the Earth to Pangaea to the separation of the 7 continents explains that the Earth's unusual changes are not always because of human activities. The volcanic activity during the formation of the Earth had emitted huge amounts of carbon dioxide. The Earth however, prospered and created life. Although the Earth is suffering from sudden changes, Earth has been able to create new life in other areas around the world. An example would be the increase of crops, which would lead to an increase of money and food supplies. Many animals may be able to live and survive through the abundance of plants. Others may have to learn the process of adaptation. Whatever the case, global warming is surely not the cause of Earth’s changes. Instead, it is inevitably the Earth’s nature.

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on Sep. 18 2011 at 6:44 am
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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Yes, Earth is always changing, but a huge part of that change is us. We humans are the creatures with the most impact on our world by far, so it is only fair that we should take responsibility for what we're doing to it. I mean, who created the smog that hangs over all large cities? That would be humans. We are the first creature ever to have such an impact on the place in which we live. I think it's time it becomes a good one. Even if "global warming" is just the Earth having its 20-millenial climate swing, I think that that's no reason to just ignore all the inarguable bad things we're doing to our planet, Let's just stop arguing on whether Global warming exists and work together to stop pollution, extinction, trash buildup, forest destruction, and so many other things in our world that are definitely our fault.