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September 10, 2012
By Megan99 SILVER, Princeton, Massachusetts
Megan99 SILVER, Princeton, Massachusetts
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What do you think of when you hear the words; demented, creepy, and weird? I think of one thing- clowns! Clowns have been known to be creepy or funny. I think they are just plain weird and should never be seen on Earth again! They should be gone because they cause eternal damage to people, are bad influences on children, and they are bad occupations.

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns and many people suffer from it. Five out of every seven people are scared of clowns but that’s not the worst of it. Some people have a life long fear of them. These people are scared so much of clowns that when they see a picture of one they faint! Imagine yourself having to live your life like that! It’s unimaginable! Clowns could even become such a safety hazard that people could have heart attacks if they jumped out at you!

Clowns are also very bad influences on children. When children are exposed to the un-human nature of clowns they are in agony! They suffer from continuous nightmares and when hear “circus!” scream like they are being tortured. Instead of dreaming about candyland, they dream about killer clown land. Scary! According to a survey, 250 kids out of 250 kids ages four through sixteen all expressed a fear or dislike of clowns.

Another reason we should eliminate clowns is that it's a terrible job to have anyway. They don't get paid much for playing dress up in a creepy suit. They used to be a hit, but now clowns are hardly being hired to go to parties. Too many people are scared when they come up to you. Most kids cry and run to hide. What kind of person would want to upset children?

45 million people suffer from coulrophobia. If that many people must be tortured by nightmares, why are clowns still an option in the circus? I think clowns should be against the law and we should never see them again!

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