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My Dad and His Lungs

November 9, 2015
By Em129 SILVER, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
Em129 SILVER, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
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My dad has been a smoker for a long time. Sometimes he will tell me and my 6 other sisters thathe is quiting or trying some methods. That goes on for a week and then he just slowly goes back to it. If I could picture his lungs , I would see them black as coal and very limp and heavy. I understand that its hard to quit and it takes motivation but I almost seem lost or scared to say anything. Sometimes my mom will tell me that what he is doing is one of the reasons that she divorced him but thats another story. My mom always is telling me too talk to him about it but I think that would make the thing we have between us akward. I just dont think he understands that My sisters and I are worried that this is what might kill him in the future but we are all to scared about how he might react to the situation. I still have trouble about talking to him about normal stuff. I just hope that one day I will get the courage to say how I feel.

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What inspired me to write this was the fact that not just me but plenty of teens have parents who smoke and I really wanted those peope to see my stry and relate to it.

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