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Weed; A Bad Thing Or Nah ?

November 3, 2013
By KaylaaLovee GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
KaylaaLovee GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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All can come together to agree that drugs are not a positive thing. Now the question is should marijuana be considered a “hard drug” and be illegal? Marijuana had been seen as a medication up to about ten years ago. Also saying no to marijuana is a taking away of personal freedom, just like if the alcohol drinker was told they could not drink. Crime rate has gone up as well as prices because of the black market for marijuana. Marijuana was never before seen as a “bad thing” and 80% of teens use and/or have tried it and 42% of americans use it.

Marijuana has been viewed recently that it is bad but getting into the actual side effects are the downfall to if it should really be illegal. Marijuana was originally a medicine and just like all medicines, they have side effects. The main main two side effects are the munchies (craving for food) and red eyes. Also just like all medicines, its not definite that the marijuana user will have the effects. When taken by mouth in pill form, marijuana is just a basic medicine used to calm but when smoked the added side effect is possible lung problems due to the inhaling factor.There have been no reported deaths due to marijuana and there is also no known 3rd party harm/killer.

Saying no to marijuana is a choice but it being illegal is against personal freedom. As an american citizen, everyone has the right to self deterioration and free will. Smoking is the choice of the smoker; the own persons destruction of themselves because they already are aware of the side effects. Everyone has the right to do as they wish. Just as cigarettes and alcohol aren’t the best things to do, they are a personal choice. Now it comes down to is having marijuana illegal going against free will?

Due to Marijuana being in the black market, reported crime rate and prices went up. Crime is a natural result due to the addiction marijuana has. Marijuana causes the addicting need and dependence factor forcing the smoker to steal, harm others, etcetera in order to get the drugs or money. Drugs being illegal also cause drug dealers to raise prices because they know there is no other way to get marijuana. Also the addiction will cause the smokers to spend whatever kind of money it takes just to get the marijuana. Would the legalization of marijuana decrease the price and allow the crime rate to drop?

Legalizing marijuana is a positive thing and potentially the right thing to do in order for a better and safer country. The actual side effects of marijuana are just like other medications and marijuana is just another medication for stress relief or need to chill. Personal freedom is being striped by keeping marijuana not an open option. Also crime rate is up as well as prices. If marijuana was legal just like cigarettes and alcohol, would there even be a second thought to if there was wrong in it?

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Had to do this for a class and thought more people should hear my personal thoughts and maybe see where I am coming from..

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weeeberboi said...
on Feb. 12 2020 at 12:06 pm
weeeberboi, Springboro, Pennsylvania
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weed good. not high bad

ziarhone said...
on Dec. 19 2019 at 4:00 pm
ziarhone, Sacramento, California
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This was a really good article ! I totally agree I feel like people will do any & everything to get their hands on some marijuana. And the fact that it's "illegal" does raise prices for the buyers and causes more tension because the dealer doesn't want to get ripped off