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My Point Of View

March 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Alcohol abuse among the youth is a serious public health problem in the United States. Causing many risk such as mental damages. Alcohol abuse has increased dramatically in the last 28 years within the youth community, according to the New England journal of Medicine. Here’s my point of view on drug/ alcohol abuse and youth.

Bad influences from the family are one of the causes of teen drug abuse. Some parents are drinking and smoking in front of their children, and sometimes including them in. Causing many children to start at a young age. Thinking that if their parents do it and if they let them do it on special occasions, then they can do it anytime. Then they’re the ones who use it as a cover up. Meaning when their stressed out they turn to drugs or alcohol to make them feel better. When it’s really making them worse!

Secondly, this is causing serious health effects. For example, liver damage, certain cancers, and literal shrinkage of the brain. Meaning memory skills are not as well as before, therefore causing teens to have less focus in school. Also teens would try to comet suicide because of depression and stress. According to 37% of 8th grade females who drank heavily were reported attempting suicide.

Many of our youth population, in addition, are in jail or on their way, implicating that they start bring the drugs and alcohol to school. Enhancing their chances of being expelled and sent to a detention center. Maybe even a school like excel. Drinking and driving put you in jail also. You’ll end up crashing, and if you’re lucky you’ll live, but even then you would be put behind bars. Drinking alcohol can cause you to things you may not want too, like sexually assaulting someone important to you.

As you can see my point of view on alcohol abuse is not positive. Why risk your life and education over something this stupid. What’s the point? If you’re just trying to fit in, then maybe you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. Think of it this way. If you get caught and arrested, what do you think your so called friend’s will be doing? Yea that’s right, their going to be out having fun and living their live with out you. As if you never existed! So again I ask, what’s the point?

The author's comments:
I just wrote it for a class project.

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