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Exploration of Adversity

March 24, 2009
By Shannen Johnson BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
Shannen Johnson BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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It was once said that adversity should be embraced not feared, and it’s the truly difficult moments in life that make us stronger and measures our character. This idea can be supported by a gruesome part of American history that affected nearly of our population: The Civil Rights Movement. If it weren’t for the challenges and problems of the Civil Rights Movement had caused such great leaders as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, or President Obama would have never emerged. In actuality the Civil Rights Movement though harsh and violent caused the African American population to grow and alter that negative experience into an empowering experience.

Dr. MLK gave people hope plus a sense of morals, the right and wrong way to handle their problems. He was a man who believed in equality and justice, but without him being exposed to inequality and unfairness he would have never preached his beliefs to others, in fact the topic would be completely irrelevant. Dr. King fueled from the ordeals of the Civil Rights Movement and he turned that negative energy into positive words of brotherhood and racial tolerance. This hardship made Dr. King one of the most honored men in this country and the majority of this praise is due to the strength gained from a horrible experience.
In regards to the inequality faced by blacks in the earlier stages of our country one cannot measure the positive out turn without looking at the African- American people as a whole. Today African American are making many great contributions to the world today; whether it’s in the government or entertainment they are living marks that surpassed any expectations they had in the ‘60s.Ironically if the challenges and unfairness hadn’t occurred the accomplishments achieved in the black community wouldn’t be as important or as monumental. Conclusively it was the adversity that made blacks stronger which forced them to strive to prove their worth.

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This piece was orignally for a practice SAT, but

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