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Television; Friend or Foe

December 16, 2008
By Anonymous

98.7% of children in the United States watch some sort of television for at least one hour daily. Television is corrupting the youth of America. There are many reasons why watching television too much is bad. Some of these reasons are the effects television has on children’s behavior, the addicting nature of it, and the giant consumption of time it is. Although very useful and entertaining, television may take over our society as we know it.

Cars going over one hundred miles an hour, stunts that consist of people flying over fifty story buildings, and the action packed violence that is on all the time. This is what the youth of America is watching daily! Yes, watching these programs are very interesting, but is it setting sketches of recklessness in children’s minds. 21% of parents say that their child has attempted a stunt he or she has seen on TV. Also, with children’s naive minds, opinions are very easily pressured into a child’s mind. These types of impacts on children’s minds will leave a dent for the future.

Television is also very addicting. Children or adults may turn it on to watch a single show, but end up watching two hours worth of TV. Watching television also takes no energy. There are so many other wholesome activities instead of watching TV all day. More and more U.S. citizens are not getting enough exercise because of TV. Do we really want the future generations consumed by it?

Another reason why television is bad is the fact that it is nothing but a giant waste of time. People can sit and watch TV for hours on end. It’s in our nature to be lazy. Besides the fact that it is entertaining, there are many more productive things that one may do. Some of these things consist of helping around the house, completing homework, and maybe just a random act of service. There is always something better to do than just watch TV.

From sob stories, to a jail breaks, TV can entertain all audiences by making them waste hours only to watch actors. We lazy Americans have it so good that we don’t realize all that we have. We must find something better to do with our time. If we continue to let ourselves become taken over by TV, the future will not be bright.

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