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A Second Confederacy Forming?

November 14, 2012
By HorseFeathers151 SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
HorseFeathers151 SILVER, Amarillo, Texas
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As the days following our latest election sigh in relieve letting loose the heavy burden of political debates, lies, and games which occur every four years, a new call of action is forming. America being split is two, liberals against conservatives, Republicans against the Democrats, struggles once again within its boarders. Not even a full week after the announcement that President Obama has won another term in office twenty two states have called for secession.

These states, mostly centered in the South and South West, are unifying together, voicing their opinions to the government. Despite popular belief this is not a State movement but a campaign began by the people of America. Despite popular belief they have the right as American citizens to voice such a concern.

As media pushes the campaigns, signatures pile up. Texas’s signatures over reaching 30,000 names in just two days. The government, exercising its own right to address such ideas has agreed to give the twenty-two states a deadline to each reach 25,000 signatures before agreeing to address the people’s request on December 9th.

Will the leaders of each petition of the states be able to back up enough support? Or will some fall back into silence? Are the voices rising across the Nation enough to gain freedom or will they too, fall silent under the hand of the government? These are all questions to ask yourself as these days draw to a close.

Other questions arise as the petitions spread. Would a secession at such an economically precarious moment in history lead to the demise of the states much less the Country? Each state must take into account the cause and effects of removing itself from the Union. Each state must first sit down and create a plan, charting out both its strengths and weaknesses. One must take into account that a military would have to support itself, being strong enough to protect its own boarders. Different factories would have to be built in order to sustain textiles, while at the same time keeping enough open land to provide its own food. Not to mention that taxes placed on trade between states would affect the entire continent.

Still, farther to take into consideration is the general fact that although our nation is much more advanced we are still unbalanced within our own soil. The North, loyal to the Union still holds the upper hand in population and textile productions. The South still sits on the throne of agriculture and livestock.

Barely scratching the surface, we see that there is a much more in-depth look we must take on the call to secession. More is at stake than just our President and the Union. Once a person takes a look at all the different angles we see that the only way these states would be able to survive would be to mesh together, strengthening each other’s weakest point.

Would secession mirror the events of the Civil War? To some it might seem so. The unbalance is still the same, followed by the same problems, and the same general states once again threatening to take back what they believe are the states’ rights to freedom.

No matter your stand, no matter where your loyalties lie, we must as a Nation and as individuals, remember that politicians only speak of the glories of war, old men claim it as a necessity, whereas the ones fighting just want to go home.

The author's comments:
Even though the fact I am a Texan I do not believe secession is the right move for our Nation. It don't matter if some of us are not currently happy with it or the president. Together we were made to be united.

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