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Marriage a joke apparently

April 10, 2012
By KelliB GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
KelliB GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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Since the creation of Adam and Eve marriage has been a long held tradition that the entire world participates in. Big dresses, fancy reception halls, and hundreds of guests. Marriage was something that little girls dreamed about. That is until the recent notions “marriage isn’t necessary to be able to live together”, and “get married, but it doesn’t matter if it lasts”. Now little girls dream of dating thousands of men and being a bachelorette forever. Too many people in our culture give up on the idea of serious, lasting matrimony, and sometimes the whole concept together, due to poor reasons.
Celebrities are the trend setters of this age. People follow their every step, wardrobe choice, and, sadly, relationship status’. The world is imbedded with cases such as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ 72 day marriage, Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s 14 month marriage, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s absolute refusal to tie the knot. These are all incredibly shocking. Since when has marriage become a joke? When God told Adam and Eve to get married he didn’t say, “Oh yeah, and if you guys just so happen to believe that this was a mistake you can fill out this paper and forget it ever happened.” Marriage shouldn’t work that way. People shouldn’t look at matrimony as a kind of game that you play; whoever survives the shortest time wins.
The degradation of marriage and therefore the family unit is a main cause of our strong central government in America. If couples were married and fathers took care of their children, like they should, then people would not have to have all of the government funded programs to live and the government would not have to be in every aspect of everyone’s lives. The people who criticize the government’s amount of power should look around and realize that instead of saying we need a new president we should be saying we need to fix the familial crisis in our country.
America is one of the least family oriented countries in the world. Nations all over the globe value their families with their whole existence. How many times have you heard your friend say, “I hate my parents”, or “I want to strangle my brother”? Multiple times, maybe thousands of times. In Mexico or India they would never think of saying that. These words don’t even exist to the Chinese. The reason these countries are so close to their families is because they value and rely on them. In China you take care of your parents when they age, and in Mexico you see your family, not just close but extended as well, all the time. Their families are more personal to them, and therefore, more important. Perhaps if our values were a little different than me, me, me, and success, success, success then America would feel the same way about families.
Perhaps America should reevaluate our goals and try and fix the resulting problems from poor marital statuses. Kids that grow up in fatherless home are more likely to go to jail and girls whose father isn’t close to them are more likely to get pregnant. Just by working on familial problems we could alleviate jail inmate numbers and teen pregnancy statistics.
Marriage is important and vital to the ultimate survival of a nation. When it is slandered and bashed around, problems arise. Children should be taught the importance of matrimony from a young age and that it isn’t a game. The best examples children have are their parents and close adults around them. People should be setting a good example in their marriages for their kids. Forget the petty arguing, yelling and selfish acts; forget the money problems and such. Remember the purpose of marriage. And then maybe, just maybe, with some prompting, little girls will be able to dream of marriage again.

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I wrote this for my newspaper once again

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Sparaxis GOLD said...
on Apr. 30 2017 at 7:26 pm
Sparaxis GOLD, Saint Marys, Georgia
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America, look at yourself. You're so proud of yourself despite your steadily-turning-communist (everyone relying on the government more than they should and sacrificing privacy) policies, dumb values and sometimes ugly cases of hypocrisy. The other countries aren't giving you dirty looks because of Trump, it's because of your disturbing lifestyle.