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People who are Pro-life are Hypocrites.

March 28, 2023
By Anonymous

Throughout the past years, there has been so much controversy over whether someone is pro-choice or pro-life. Growing up on social media, especially TikTok. Going from pre-teen to teen, and entering high school, I’ve had lots and lots of crazy political beliefs. I was always switching and comparing beliefs. But the one belief that never crossed my mind to change, was being pro-choice. Being pro-choice as a woman is pretty typical because women are the ones being affected. I think it's more common today to be pro-choice than it was ten, even five years ago. When people say whether they’re pro-choice, people who are pro-life usually never think to listen and reason with their opinions and vice versa. When people have opinions like this, the other party or group never takes the time to listen and reason. Whether someone is pro-choice or pro-life, they can be pretty crazy when it comes to their ideas, but I think it’s pretty typical in pro-life people to be hypocritical, and here’s why. I’ll be stating what being Pro-life and pro-choice means, the effects on people in general, the effects on women, and the government control.

According to an article on October 2019, “Can you explain what pro-choice and pro-life means?” from Planned Parenthood by Miriam, reads being Pro choice is someone supporting the idea of letting women decide whether and when women choose to have children. Pro-choice people support the choice even if they’d never have an abortion themselves. Typically more people who are pro-choice are on the left. Whereas, pro-life people are primarily the opposites. As people who are pro-life are more right, pro-life people care about the new fetus, rather than the mother of the child. Whether there is a reason such as money, welfare problems, medical problems, etc. It's more common for pro-life people to use their religion as a reason on why they are pro-life. That's one of the big issues that really interferes with both sides; religion. I think in some ways, religion is one of the biggest controversies when it comes to abortion. Pro-life people are known to stand outside of abortion clinics with signs written with “Unborn Lives Matter”; which was a clap back sign to “Black Lives Matter”. More are “God Almighty come save this baby”, and a big one, “Choose Life”.

If pro-life people feel so strongly about Jesus and women choosing life, then why don’t they help the lives of people living on the streets? Pro-life people should care for children in foster care, adoption centers, even the people across the border. They should be helping lives as much as they try to save unborn ones. Schools, families, shelters, and so much more, yet where is the help? Wouldn’t it make so much more sense for the pro-life people to go out and help people who are alive, and in need of help, rather than sitting and screaming at women going into a clinic? I think so. People who consider themselves pro-life, people trying to force women not to have an abortion just because they don’t want the baby to be terminated, are hypocrites. Yes, of course there is always situations where a woman could just be careless, or the women just doesn’t feel like having a child, but at the end of the day, it’s no one's choice what happens to her own body but hers.

Women are effected daily by these choices they have to make. It’s hard on every woman to go into a clinic and have an abortion. Whether her reasoning is financial issues, her age, her living situation, sexual assault, or anything they’re going through. Although its no ones business but hers on why she’s choosing this. Hypothetically speaking, say a woman gets pregnant. She doesn’t live in a stable household, mentally and financially. She wants to have an abortion, because it wouldn’t be fair for her child to grow up in that type of household, but because of the overturn in Roe v. Wade, her state doesn’t allow abortions. She is forced to carry this child, because of someone else's decision. She puts her baby up for adoption. The baby ends up in foster care. Not only did her not getting to have her own choice affect herself, but it also affected the baby who has to live and grow up in a horrible environment. All because of someone else's decision. It’s like a stray dog who keeps having puppies, and the puppies become stray. The puppies have no owner to help them live a healthy life, and the mother dog can’t take care of her babies. The people protesting against abortion aren’t the ones taking care of the unborn children they’re fighting so hard for. In the article “Pro-life answers to pro-abortion questions” hosted by Caleb Bailey for the website, in July 2022, backs me up on my last statement.
People get really mad with government control. The government deciding whether women get to freely have abortions and make that choice, make many women very mad (Roe v. Wade overturn of 2022). I remember looking on TikTok, and everyone was freaking out about how Roe v. Wade was overturned. For most women, it wasn’t the fact that abortions were now banned in some states, it was how women's rights were banned. Their right to privacy was and has been violated. According to Investopedia, article “How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby in America” by Nafeesah Allen, published in January 2023 explains the cost of a mother to have a baby is roughly $18,865, and hopefully the mother has insurance, but she still has to pay about $3,000 out of pocket. There is also the cost of insurance, food, etc. Four out of the five supreme court members who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, were pro-life, and men. Men shouldn’t decide what women do with their bodies, especially when it is a government decision. It’s very hypocritical for them to force women to have the children they can’t have, for any reason they have, especially when they are also the ones who are okay with having the cost of health care, and the cost of health insurance so high.

People who are pro-life are hypocritical. Yes, everyone can be hypocrites at one point in time, but it’s the fact that they're forcing someone to do something, beyond their choice. Growing up, and having my beliefs change, this one is still and always going to be the same. The hypocrisy of the pro-life movement is beyond myself, and beyond almost everyone. Pro-life people want to save unborn babies, but where is the actual saving? The way pro-life people protest, hurt women, support high insurance, and high medical bills, are the reason they’re hypocritical. I personally think that if a woman gets pregnant, it is ultimately her right to choose whether she wants to have an abortion or not.

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