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Should self-driving cars be allowed on the road, and what can they do?

March 28, 2023
By andrewm174565259832 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
andrewm174565259832 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Most people know about Elon Musk and his company named “Tesla.” Tesla cars are known for having a special feature called autopilot, where the car takes control and drives itself, but Tesla is not the only company trying to do this. Companies and organizations outside of Tesla have been trying to perfect self-driving cars for years now, and are getting closer with every revision. While the revolution is still years away, we should be prepared. Here's my opinion with reasoning about whether or not they should be on the road, and what they should be allowed to do on the road.

Technology is evolving and artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day. Even though Artificial intelligence is so smart I think there should still be limits on what the cars can do, for safety concerns. A CNN article titled “The real self-driving revolution remains years away,” posted on January 21, 2021, states that a camera above the speedometer and tachometer makes sure the driver is paying attention if the driver looks away for more than a few seconds, the system will shut off. As technology advances so will safety cautions and solutions. Will new self-driving cars make the road safer?

Self-driving cars are safer. The cars are capable of reducing traffic crashes drastically. Self-driving cars are capable of minimizing traffic congestion, which can make roads more efficient and safer. Following this, they can also make parking more efficient, convenient, and ultimately safer. Technology will also not get tired, does not drink, and doesn't text while driving.

In my opinion, self-driving cars should be used for specific things like sober cabbing if someone has had too much to drink or taking the wheel when the driver is not fit to drive. for example, in a CNN article named “Your self-driving car still isn’t ready. Smarter roads might change that,” posted on March 5, 2021, author Matt McFarland explains that there is a company that operates a robotaxi in parts of Phoenix Arizona. Things like this could be very useful in the scenarios listed before. Another awesome thing that self-driving cars can do is delivery. They can deliver packages, food, emergency items, etc. I do still think that self-driving cars should be restricted to simple things like these until they are ready to perform more advanced tasks.

Self-driving vehicles should be allowed on the road, but with what restrictions? First, I think that the person sitting in the driver’s seat needs to stay alert and keep watching the road. As stated in a CNN article titled “The real self-driving revolution remains years away,” Released on  January 21, 2021, “drivers will still be required to pay constant attention to the road.” Next, I believe that human assistance will be needed in unexpected scenarios. Also, I think they should be limited on where they can go. Finally, I think that some very specific actions and tasks should not be allowed, for example: Inner city driving with much more pedestrians and cars

I have stated my opinion with facts behind it on self-driving cars if they should be allowed on the road, and what they should be allowed to do. They are safe and will reduce crashes, but this does not mean the driver can relax and take their eyes off the road. Just like Elon Musk’s Teslas, we are getting closer every year, artificial intelligence is evolving and self-driving cars will only get smarter. Given enough time we will be able to close our eyes and lean back, but not today.        

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