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June 22, 2013
By Mary2016 SILVER, Cleveland, Texas
Mary2016 SILVER, Cleveland, Texas
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"When all else fails, simply look up, and remember that you are loved and blessed by the One who created you"-MaryAnna K. Willis

We go through life, trying to find answers to questions we didn't even realize we had. Some turn to money, others to drugs, alcohol, and sex. But most people, without even registering what they're doing, find their answers in music. The lyrics just speak to us, telling each and every person, "hey, you aren't alone". All those love songs? You know you've heard at least one girl at school say, "OMG, that's like, mine and my boyfriend's song! It's exactly like us!". While all her friends agree with her and tell her how jealous they are of her relationship, you stand across the hall or room and roll your eyes. But the truth is, you've done the exact same thing. Heck, I'll admit that I've sang right along with so many songs, thinking that the writer put those words to music just for me so the world could understand what I'm going through. And in some ways, that's right. A lot of those songs are made for the 15 and up crowd to be able to relate to. Break-ups, make-ups, falling in love, finding out you've been cheated on, one-night stands; just about everyone's been through one of these scenarios. So here's the bottom line- music is our go-to. It's what gets us through long days at work and school, soothes us to sleep late at night, and comforts us when we feel the whole world has turned.

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