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Is it Art?

March 23, 2011
By SwallowedByInsanity PLATINUM, Hillsdale, New Jersey
SwallowedByInsanity PLATINUM, Hillsdale, New Jersey
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I stood in front of the painting, pondering the picture, turning over in my mind the colors and emotions that poured from the piece. What were they thinking as they stroked their brush on the paper? Did they quickly slap the paint on in a rush? Or did they slowly and carefully plan out ever line? Where does one draw the line between artistic beauty and simply a piece of trash? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, art is not about creating something beautiful, it’s about expressing your most powerful emotions and allowing them to translate into something visual, no matter how hideous it may be. The confusion still lingers in the back of our minds as we continue to ponder and wonder, is it art? This question cannot be answered because there is no answer. No one’s opinion is more truthful or factual than any others’. Speak your mind freely, release your feelings to the public, but do not expect everyone to listen and agree to the words you so boldly spit from your mouth.
And it is so, that I now sit and type my opinion on a simple word document, to be interpreted however the reader may choose, yet it is opinion all the same. Personally, I find that those whom have carefully taken the time to think of these brilliant ideas such as that of 4:33, a beautiful piece of music to which there are no instruments playing, only the sound of the atmosphere and tick-tick-tick of wrist watches. Any one could have done it. Any one could have stood before an audience, and conducted the music that is silence. But keep in mind, no one else did it, no one else thought of it, therefore it is art, it is the composer’s to show to the world, and no one else has a right to say they could have done it. They certainly could have, but they didn’t. Thinking of the idea of the piece of art itself, and making it your own, is what makes it art. So in my opinion, I have every right to say that this piece of writing is art. These words are my own, I thought of them, I typed them, and it is art.
Just because something is art, does not necessarily mean that it belongs in a museum, just the same as not everything in a museum is beautiful. A piece of artwork only belongs in a museum, if it is popular and people are attracted to it and find it interesting. If no one likes it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t art, it simply means it shouldn’t be placed in a museum for the world to praise.

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