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Music is Crucial

November 4, 2007
By Nikki Chapman SILVER, Heath, Texas
Nikki Chapman SILVER, Heath, Texas
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Mu·sic: Diagnose for Identity [myoo-zik] –noun

Whether I am busting some moves on the dance floor, scrubbing and soaping myself up from a tedious day, or primping for a special occasion, music is conjoined to my side. Music is my motivator, comforter, and inspiration. The meaning of the lyrics or the thrilling beat of the music catch my attention depending on my mood. One moment I may be blowing out my eardrums from the exhilarating tunes blaring from my stereo, while at the same time, I can feel the vibrations from the thumping of the bass creeping up my spine. The next second, from the opposite extreme, the mellow, low-key playing of the Shins or Coldplay will hum faintly in my ears. Music diagnoses my current mood and defines my perspectives.

Throwing my 16 pound backpack on the floor loaded with homework and books as thick as a mattress, I come to the realization of how much work the night beholds for me. I soon begin to panic as I glare at my agenda filled with two projects and a nine-weeks exam to study for the following day. Right away I grab a Snickers, one of my “stress foods,” and scroll through my Ipod to Ray LaMontagne, whom soothes my mind every time he sings to his “dream-like” melodies. Suddenly, my 16 pound burden is lifted from my shoulders and my anxiety diminishes.

It is precisely an hour and ten minutes until my date picks me up in his brand new, cherry striped Corvette. What event awaits us tonight? Only the most electrifying occasion throughout high school’s four long years, prom! Straightening out the last bit of frizz in my hair and layering on my Estée Lauder rose-colored lip gloss and Lancôme mascara, Timbaland’s captivating beats thump from my CD player. As I put on my gold heart locket and slip on my dazzling black and silver stilettos, the Ying Yang Twins slur their words at 90 miles an hour. The rapid, almost chant-like rapping of their words along with the rhythmic beats pump me up for this tremendous night.

Majority of people assume that hymns such as “God of Wonders” or “Blessed be Your Name” are to only be sung at 9:30 in church on Sunday mornings. Through my eyes, that is not the case. Psalm 89:1 I will sing of the tender mercies of the LORD forever! As I “Google” the lyrics to praises such as “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” or “Strong Tower,” I begin to digest the meaning of each word and collect another piece to reveal some of the mysteries of my God. Numerous Christian hymns give insight to stay on track with living life for Christ. The lyrics retained in my thoughts affect how I live my life and choices I make.

Brushing dinner’s leftovers from my teeth and washing the foundation residue, Estée Lauder rose-colored lip gloss, and Lancôme mascara from my face, I once again press the play button on my Ipod. Instead of Ray LaMontagne, Timbaland, or the Ying Yang Twins coming through the speakers, a faint chirping of crickets and a soft, windy breeze fill up the sound barriers in my room. As I snuggle under the cold, crispy sheets, the sounds of nature gradually pull me into a deep slumber.

From the rapid slur of rap to the chirping of crickets on a breezy night, music defines my attitudes and perspectives, whether I am tired, stressed, or need to be energized. Each lyric or note in the composition reels in my focus and aids my current state. Music is crucial to identity and how one expresses their self. Attitude and perspectives are exposed through words that are said, body language, and as established, music one listens to, molding character.

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