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Mr. President, Can We Talk? MAG

By Anonymous

   If I could speak to anyone living or dead, I would like to speak with President George Bush to convey my feelings about many important issues.

I would say, "Mr. President, I am honored by your presence. Can we talk? I know you are busy but I would like you to hear my opinions on some major issues."

First I would discuss drugs. I feel that the drug problem in America is horrendous. We have babies born addicted to cocaine; we have innocent people being gunned down by warring gangs in drug-related incidents, and we have children, as young as 9 or 10, selling drugs for older brothers and sisters or just to stay alive. If we can stop drugs from entering the country at all, it could help decrease the supply of drugs in America.

The percentage of cocaine users in America has risen almost 50 percent in the last four years. It is sad to think of those people throwing their lives away for a quick high. I pity, as well as despise, these people.

I would also like to discuss the problem of thehomeless in this nation. We think of ourselves as being a plentiful nation and yet we have people living in the streets. With all the talk of nuclear disarmament, world peace, and openness with Russia, there is a lot of money going into nuclear weapons, attack planes and spy satellites. Why can't we cut down on a Stealth Bomber or two and use the money to build shelters and provide food for soup kitchens for these people?

I would thank President Bush for his time and for listening to me. If one person can make a difference, imagine what the nation, working as a whole, can do to help itself through its problems. The United States of America could be the powerful, well-respected nation it once was. n

Editor's Note: Jessica is right about kids selling drugs: a nine-year-old boy was recently arrested in Boston for selling crack.

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i love this so much!

on Jan. 17 2009 at 1:44 am
George Bush doesn't have control over EVERYTHING as President, you know.

He's only one person.

There are other people in control, too.