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By Anonymous

   I consider myself an extremely fortunate person to have had an education in which artistic expression was equally integrated into the curriculum. The idea of arts in education is such a natural one for me that when I hear of painting as an "extra-curricular activity," I cannot help but cringe. It is saddening to think of a child never experiencing the exhilaration of movement; bounding, leaping, turning through space. The thought of a person never exploring the fields in which he might hold talent, in which he may thrive and grow, is equally tragic.

The arts are an important and crucial part of our lives. They do not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, age, sex, handicap, national origin, creed, or sexual preference. They are a tool to help us, the audience, understand the chaotic world in which we live. They challenge our consciousness and help us to evaluate our priorities and lives. The arts give children the opportunity to explore and create, giving them a sense of mastery. To provide students of every age with only half of an education is not only unfair, but simply irresponsible!

Artists have never had easy lives, but this has never stopped those who were passionate enough to keep their trade fruitful and abundant. If you believe in the artist's right to government support, or oppose audience censorship due to the cutting of funds, then I (and many others) urge you to act. Call or write to your state representative. Tell him/her why the arts are important to you. We cannot tolerate this unjust proposal. We must ensure the future of our admirable artists and preserve the culture of America. n

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