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By Anonymous

   What can I offer that has not already been discussed thousands of times in classrooms, homes and churches? What can I say that has not already been said by those for the war, against the war and by those merely grieving for loved ones in the Persian Gulf? How can I make a judgment when I am not a military expert, with no experience of war? How can I be sure that I understand all the issues in this war, from the oil to Bush's eagerness to gain a foothold in the Middle East? I am not omniscient, like God, and I am powerless as well. I cannot do anything to help those in the Gulf, except pray for their safe return. I do not march in protests because those serving in the Gulf would see it as rejection. I believe neither the Pentagon nor the Iraqis, because they've both lied too often. I do not trust the media, because, at times, they seem relieved that news has occurred, when it would have been reassuring for nothing to have happened.

I'm so torn. I dislike the military, but support the people within it. I hate violence, but to stand by and allow Hussein to torture his countrymen, the Kuwaitis and allied P.O.W.s that he has captured horrifies and angers me.

I'm seventeen and torn apart by a conflict so complex that I can't even label sides as good or bad. The only clear image in my mind is the TV screen showing the bruised and dazed faces of American P.O.W.s. As I look at the pain in their faces, and the lifelessness in their eyes, something inside me twists in hurt, and deep within me, regardless of right, wrong, or political implications, I know that I want this war stopped. And I am ripped apart inside because I know that it's not going to stop soon enough and others will be hurt. n

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i love this so much!