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The Ramp At Ground Zero MAG

By Anonymous

   How would you feel if yourloved one's resting place was suddenly turned into a tourist site? Me, I would beupset. So, is the World Trade Center viewing ramp a good idea, or just a way toget more money?

Millions were affected by the terrorist attacks onSeptember 11th. Thousands died, hundreds helped at the site, and millions triedto make things better in various ways. Many organizations volunteered to raisemoney to donate to WTC funds. And this is exactly why the viewing ramp at GroundZero should be removed.

One might argue that curious citizens are eager tosee the progress made since September. Even that suggestion raises anotherquestion: Should firefighters and police officials discontinue operationalactivities at Ground Zero when citizens are on the ramp, or should they keepworking assuming that none of the 400 viewers will be harmed? If they stoppedworking, that would waste enormous time clearing up the site. But if theycontinue, they could possibly endanger the lives of those watching. So, really,is the ramp a good idea?

To someone planning to visit Ground Zero, theidea of watching the workers repair the site is not physically harmful. But thesense of pain and agony at the WTC site is unbearable when it comes toremembering the events of that day. So why turn it into an amusement park fortourists? Because New York needs the money, and putting curious people closer toGround Zero gets the cash rolling in.

Thus some feel the World TradeCenter viewing ramp is merely a tacky attempt to get money. People are stillmourning their losses and it is way too soon to start trying to block out thememories. But, hey, if it makes money, why not? I have no sympathy.

SinceSeptember, new policies are being followed to ensure the safety of New Yorkers.How much pain can the United States endure? First the September 11th attacks,then anthrax, then the shoe bomber, and then the student pilot who flew a planeinto a building leaving behind a note explaining he had become a believer inOsama bin Laden and wanted to mimic him. You cannot predict when things like thiswill happen. Someone may try to harm those on the ramp viewing the site. One wayto prevent this is to be searched before going on the ramp, but New York Citydoesn't need more confusion or chaos. There aren't enough police officers tomonitor 400 people. The ramp should be removed.

Constructing the GroundZero viewing ramp was wrong because it can cause emotional stress, may endangerinnocent people, and could reduce the amount of security in otherareas.

Don't participate in turning a graveyard into an amusement park. Somany people have suffered.

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