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The Yellow Ribbon MAG

By Anonymous

   A yellow ribbon symbolizes much more than a war we hope will not

be fought.

It reminds us to think of the brave people every time we see

that yellow knot.

People willing to fight for our country because they don't want

anything wrong.

The yellow ribbon reminds us to pray these soldiers will be

home before too long.

The yellow ribbon also reminds us to look on the bright side of

things and smile; not mope.

When we look at that yellow ribbon we remember that it will

symbolize hope.

We are so proud to have people who are willing to fight

so that others can be free,

That in the town of Hingham, the square has yellow ribbons

tied to many a tree.

We look at the yellow ribbons and think of the many soldiers

whom we really love.

After looking at the yellow ribbons, we remember to pray to

God above.

So you see, to me yellow ribbons remind me of how this

country grew.

Next time you see a yellow ribbon, please take a minute

and consider what it means to you.

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i love this so much!