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   War in the Middle East. Why? Is it for oil? Or is it really to fight for freedom so that all the countries in the world can enjoy what we do. But whatever the reason really is to have our troops there, I feel that all the people of the U.S. should support the troops whether they agree or disagree with the war. They are our people, citizens of the U.S. who are fighting for people's rights and thinking into the future, possibly ours.

Just think, Saddam Hussein said that he wanted to unite all the Arab nations under one rule. Whose rule do you think that would be? His, of course. And then if he took over Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries, there is a great possibility that he would not stop there, but attempt to take over the U.S. These are reasons, in my opinion, why it was good to act now, because not only could Kuwait not defend itself, but also I feel that these events could actually have occured. I'm not saying I like war. Nobody likes war, but I feel that sometimes it is neccesary. Sometimes when you can't play your game, you have to play their game, which, in some cases, is war. n

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i love this so much!