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Would Anyone Care For Some O.J.? MAG

By Anonymous

   Chances are if you are alive, then it doesn't matter if you want some O.J. or not because you are going to get it. No, I'm not talking about orange juice, I'm talking about O.J. Simpson. Everywhere you go these days you see O.J., O.J., O.J. It is impossible to escape hearing about O.J. Whether you are going through the grocery store, sitting at home watching TV or at work, you will see his face. Like Visa, O.J. is everywhere you want to be!

The news media has been covering the trial and doing interviews with the friends and families of the victims. The trashiest shows, like Hard Copy, have the same person on every night. Faye Resnic has appeared on Hard Copy every day this week. She continues to plead that O.J. is the one who killed Nicole Brown Simpson. The fact remains, though: O.J. is innocent until he is proven guilty, a guarantee made by our Constitution. Other facts remain that the scene of the crime was not handled as it should have been. One of the only pieces of physical evidence, the melting ice cream was never photographed. The man (who said he got home no later than 10: 45) changed his story during cross examination saying he got home closer to 11. Finally, the woman who got on the stand to testify what time the dog started barking had to fiddle with her hearing aid because she couldn't hear the lawyers standing 15 feet away.

My point is this is a serious trial and it has been a complete joke. If people want the facts on the Simpson trial, then they should watch the trial. There is no need for the trash shows to convict O.J. Simpson based on certain people's opinions. If guilty, Simpson should be convicted, on facts. ?

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i love this so much!

Citygirl said...
on Jul. 3 2017 at 4:25 am
Do the research people, start with glen rogers.
I watched the trial every day from start to finish in order to have first hand knowledge of the info given from both sides. Apalling to say the least. Check out wha glen rogers' brother said and take note of an angel and diamond pin that glen rogers gave to their mother!! Find out who the original owner of the pin was!! Truth is not in the liars involved with the crime, the crime scene itself, the timekines,the interviews, ect. What happened to old fashioned justice?