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Increase The Peace MAG

By Anonymous

   If we all get together and increase the peace ......

Then the problems of the world would profoundly decrease.

The wars, the crimes, the racism that never ends,

Will never cause our abused hearts to mend.

Why do people treat each other in such a way, that their lives

are threatened by seeing another day.

How can you hate me if the only thing you know about me is my


Increasing the peace is moving at a slow pace.

Will we continue to help other countries, when our country is

coming to an end?

Or will we wait till it's too late, when there's no help to send.

What will become of our "home of the brave?"

The youth of today are dying so young, the dirt is still fresh on

their graves.

Can we show the children of tomorrow, a better future today?

The problems that we cause are filling them with dismay.

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i love this so much!