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By Anonymous

   What are they thinking? The adults of today think that we are all lazy because we don't do things the way they did 30 years ago. I think that adults need to realize we have our own methods of doing things. In my humble opinion the teenagers of today are smarter and faster than at any time before. I am currently enrolled in one of the three calculus classes at my high school. When my dad graduated (from the same school), there was only one person in his entire graduating class who took calculus.

Today's youth are also very adept with computers (and other equipment), because we have been exposed to it all our lives, and have gained more knowledge than many adults. I am not saying that today's youth are smarter; I am just saying that compared to any other time, we have had more opportunities to learn.

Adults look at the methods we use in our everyday lives, and they see us as lazy because we use the tools available to us. The calculators used in the math classe are seen as objects that do all the work while the student just sits, and punches buttons. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The calculator is a tool, nothing more. The tool is useless unless you know how to use it.

I do agree with the conclusion that we are lazy. We find the easy way to do something, and we use it. This laziness is an action-reducing technique. We think just as much if not more than the youth of 30 years ago.

I think that the adults of today need to look at the real picture, rather than looking through the skewed view of the way things were when they were our age. ?

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i love this so much!