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By Anonymous

   It seems these days that public schools are turning into giant vortexes, sucking students deeper and deeper into oblivion. The quality of education has deteriorated dramatically, and the problem can be seen throughout the educational system. A major system overhaul is needed.

At all levels of government, there is apathy toward increasing funding for education, which I think is the major way to overhaul the system today. I have devised the "Money Talks, Politicians Walk" Education Overhaul. It may seem radical, but sometimes a shock is what is needed to get a stalled body going again.

My program necessitates that funding for public schools be increased by 25 to 50 percent. This may seem like a steep increase, but I think it is a necessary one. Most politicians maintain that money is not the main way to improve schools. I say it is. Consider the following changes which could be implemented with more funding.

First and foremost, more teachers could be hired. With more teachers on staff, class sizes could be limited to ten to fifteen students per class, and more attention given to the individual student, thus improving performance.

Also, more schools could be built, easing overcrowding and creating a better learning environment.

In addition, computers could be supplied to every school. Computers are the wave of the future, and before we know it, will be as common in homes as the telephone.

Plus, new textbooks and supplementary teaching aids could be purchased more frequently, giving students the most recent knowledge on academic subjects.

Finally, innovative new programs such as Head Start for pre-schoolers could be implemented without regard to cost. If a program is considered necessary for better education, it should be funded.

A logical question to implement my proposal is, "How do you plan to fund this education overhaul?" Here is my answer to this important query.

One, the death penalty must be made mandatory for all persons convicted of any type of murder, with the exception of self-defense and other similar cases. It costs about $30,000 a year to house an incorrigible criminal in prison. Multiply this by the average number of years a criminal lives and then by the number of criminals convicted of murder, and you will get an astounding total. Also, the number of appeals allowed before s/he is put to death must be reduced. I believe it costs between one and two million dollars to execute one criminal, including court fees and care. If the number of appeals is reduced, money could be saved. If this money were put toward education, it could improve, plus criminals would be eliminated from a society in which they do not belong.

Two, taxes should be raised for the wealthy. There are more loopholes for the rich than you see in a shoe factory.

While I have no doubt that this proposal is controversial, I think it is a better alternative than what we are seeing today. If the United States could become number one in math and science, new technologies could be developed. This could increase competition with countries like Japan, and eventually lead to a balanced trade agreement, which is needed for the United States to revitalize its economy.

Education would unlock all doors leading to success. The only thing we as Americans must do is turn the key. n

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