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By Anonymous

   My name is Moira Gillis and I am globally challenged. I can find the molar mass of a 2 gram sample of Radium. I can recite every one of the prepositions, no problem. Locate Bosnia on map, that's a problem.

The severity of this deficiency hit home when I heard that a student at my school thought Bob Dole and Bill Clinton were running mates! While everyone else laughed, I realized this was not a funny situation, but it was sad.

We are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow but we do not even know what is going on today. Perhaps I am the only one who thinks it is an atrocity that some do not even know who Yassar Arafat is. I am ashamed.

We, as Generation "X", cannot put the blame on somebody else this time. It is not our parents' fault or society's, it is ours. How many hours a day do we waste when we could flip through a newspaper and find out what is going on in the world. Would it kill us to spend one hour watching Dan Rather instead of Daisy Fuentes, (MTV News does not count)?

I think schools should put more emphasis on current events and geography. My cousins who live in Canada can name every state in our country. How many Canadian provinces can we name?

This lack of knowledge is in dire need of attention and I personally am not going to wait around for somebody else to do it.

This year I co-founded an Inter-national Club at my school. I feel that if just one more person learns about the Tibetan crisis, then there is one less ignorant leader of tomorrow. Afterall I would rather be Generation "X" than Generation "Clueless." ?

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i love this so much!