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By Anonymous

   Ihave seen truth in this tragic event. In its murder, I have gained a new cause.I can try to prove this point to save others from this fate. No more must spidersbe smashed against the wall out of fear and panic. But alas, society remains onits current path, and more deaths will occur. Perhaps logic will have someeffect, while no spiders are within sight to attack without mercy.

Theevent: I was in my English class, third period, when a spider appeared, climbingup a wall. A student noticed, and cried out for it to be smashed. I tried tointervene, but was shoved aside as it was hit with a book. It never recovered. Ihad mentioned that it was a nonpoisonous kind and harmless, that spiders eatannoying insects, but still they killed it. I provided good reasons to spare it,but no one listened.

Forget what would seem to be a rational thoughtprocess: Look, it's a spider, it's not near any of us, it's crawling away fromus. It's not doing anything bad or wrong, let's just leave the spider alone. Butthe students thought: Look, a spider! Kill it, it's dead, let's party. This showshow people will go with instinct over rational thought.

But this is aboutmore than just killing spiders. Far too many problems come from those notconsidering their actions before executing them. A large number of my peers actwithout determining the consequences. If we would just stop and think, life ingeneral would be so much better. For us, and for spiders.

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i love this so much!

Nick said...
on Dec. 1 2008 at 5:56 pm
awsom first pic death pic