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By Anonymous

   This year the 25thannual National Honor Society induction ceremony was held at my school.Thirty-seven students were inducted as members of this elite group, but many donot realize what an honor it really is.

The National Honor Society wasfounded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals(NASSP) under the leadership of Dr. Edward Rynearson. Membership is based on fourcriteria: scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Many studentswho are qualified to be members of the NHS are apathetic and refuse to apply.These people will regret it because the NHS offers many opportunities. As membersof the NHS, students are introduced to others similar to themselves, and in thisway, meet many future leaders of America. In addition, colleges are impressed bystudents who are members of the NHS, which can lead to scholarships.

Oneshould not be apathetic but should grasp the opportunity to become a member ofthe National Honor Society if presented with it. It is a choice that can have agreat effect on one's future.

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