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“A” for Effort? MAG

By Anonymous

     The issue of race and religion has really spiraled out of control in this country. Political correctness is altering the way we live. I have a problem with the concept of affirmative action. With it as part of the selection process for colleges, effort doesn’t seem to matter as much as the color of your skin or family background. I would like to see affirmative action eliminated from our society, colleges, the workplace and other areas where political correctness is too prevalent.

I believe strongly that no one should receive handouts, and you should get what you earn. It makes me sick to think that someone could get my spot in a university not because they achieved more but because of their ethnic background. There is a place for everyone in this world, but that place should be earned. I think that the whole concept of affirmative action is discriminatory; who is to say that just because your skin color is white, you didn’t have to overcome a lot to get where you are?

Yes, in certain cases, other unknown factors need to be acknowledged, but I don’t believe it applies to every minority. The whole selection process has become too politically correct and too race-oriented. I say selections for colleges and jobs should be colorblind and made on merit and accomplishment alone.

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